Our Fair RATES Policy

  • We will charge fair fees even if your knowledge about the Appliances service trade is limited as we believe in honest dealings and are committed to providing quality service to our customers.
  • We always inform our customers of the cost involved in our initial assessment. There may be times when some unforeseen circumstances add more to the original estimate and in this case, we will always inform you of the situation and the purpose of the additional costs.
  • We are committed to protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of our personals and customers. We leave no stone unturned in fulfilling our commitment towards the environment, our customers, and our personals.
  • We always conduct our business ethically and legally as we believe in the motto “Honesty is the best policy”

Our Pricing

  • We at Quality Appliances Repair  clear about our rates for repair services and our Price based on Parts And Labor. A diagnosis (service call) is performed on all appliances to verify the problem and determine whether a part replacement is required. Diagnosis is FREE if you choose to complete the repair. If you choose not to complete the repair after a diagnosis, a diagnosis fee will be charged, ice casino.

    If more than one repair is performed on your Appliance, we will add the rates for each repair to obtain a total labor rate, plus the price for whatever replacement parts are required for the repair. Labor and replacement part pricing will be provided in a complete estimate that we will provide you with the diagnosis and parts pricing have been completed.

Why We Charge Service Call (service charge)…

  • Our Service Call (diagnostic fee) is a flat rate and that amount includes the technician time and travelling to and from the customers home, insurance fees, fuel, and vehicle expenses.

    The Service Call (diagnostic fee) is always waived if you go a head with the repair (Commercial appliances are exempt from this offer). But In some cases, the appliance is not worth the repair or the repair cost more the appliance itself, in that case, the technician will recommend you not to fix and you will be charged  for the service call unless you ask us to fix it.