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A gas appliance technician is a person who knows how every gas appliance works and what can cause the malfunction. Such a person has proper education to repair the device. Our technicians studied appliance servicing at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Appliance Technical Institute of Canada, Vancouver Community College, etc. That is why our technicians are certified specialists who can solve any issue and deal with any gas appliance.

There are a lot of appliances, using gas as a source of energy: gas ranges (oven/stove), fireplaces, grills, dryers and so on. These appliances are a prerequisite for home comfort, and they make our life easier. However, sometimes they start to malfunction, which troubles our daily lives. Our specialist will help you to restore this comfort.

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Gas Appliances Problems We Solve

  • Gas stove won’t light
  • Gas oven smells like gas
  • Orange flame on gas stove
  • Gas oven broiler not working
  • Gas dryer won’t turn on
  • Gas oven turns off by itself
  • Gas dryer not heating properly
  • Gas dryer burning clothes
  • Gas oven not heating properly
  • Gas stove top knobs not turning
  • Gas dryer heat goes on and off
  • Gas oven door handle broken

Your Gas Appliances Questions Answered!

A common problem with gas stoves and cooktops is that the gas burner does not turn on or does not turn on at all. This malfunction can be caused by the following reasons:

  1. The nozzle is clogged with food particles
  2. Cracked or broken insulation on the spark plug
  3. The solenoid valve is broken or the thermocouple is burnt out.

The gas stove burner goes out for several reasons:

  1. A burned thermocouple tip or soldered wire;
  2. Poor contact between the thermocouple and the valve;
  3. Defects in the on/off valve swivel mechanism;
  4. Deformation of the handle and burner.

  • If the mains voltage is OK and the stove is connected to the mains, but the gas hob does not ignite all the burners at the same time, there are three possible reasons:
  1. faulty internal wiring;
  2. a faulty ignition button (in models with manual system);
  3. a fault in the central ignition unit.

What should you do if the burner on your gas stove doesn’t work? The answer is straightforward – call a gas appliance technician and have your gas stove repaired. It must be done immediately.

The most common reason for a gas burner not working and not switching on is grease or food residue on the nozzles. This build-up blocks the gas supply to the igniter. Clean the nozzles.

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Quick and professional appliance repair, 5 stars!

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Timely and efficient repair, great work!

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