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Quality Appliances Repair offers you a full range of professional Dacor appliance repair services. Our technicians are equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair equipment; thus, they can competently identify faults and fix them in the shortest possible time.

Besides, we always take into account all customer needs and special situations. So if you need an urgent repair, all you have to do is tell the operator, and we’ll come to you immediately.

Here are just a few of our main advantages:

  • Prompt response to your request. Since we work without breaks and on weekends, from early morning till late evening, there is no need for the client to wait for a long time for the arrival of a specialist.
  • Our technicians work with new and only original parts from the manufacturer.

What Kind Of Breakdowns Can Our Dacor Technicians Fix?

Our clients are most often faced with these types of Dacor appliances breakdowns:

  • Water or moisture entering the housing.
  • Bumping or serious mechanical damage.
  • Contamination of the main parts with dust or dirt.
  • Problems with the processor, and motor overheating.

All of the above problems are common to Dacor devices because the operating mechanism of such appliances is very similar. But a more accurate conclusion can be obtained only after a diagnosis and external examination of the device by professionals.

Often, the Dacor service center makes you wait for two to three months without providing accurate information about the causes of failure.

QAR will give you a full consultation with the technician, choosing the best way to solve the problem and perform the repair in the shortest possible time.

We are open to communication with customers. We know we have a lot to strive for, so we always welcome your feedback, suggestions, and even criticism. Every day we develop, grow and improve our service for you. Call us now!

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